Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five for Friday

I am really happy that today is today. I just woke up this morning feeling really happy.  It could have something to do with this:


Yes, that is almost 10 hours of sleep (and a little spike to let Buddy out in the wee hours of the morning.)

That will definitely put one in a great mood.  You know what else will?

  • Having a coffee date with a wonderful friend to catch up on life. Lauren and I were spoiled when we worked at Wake together and ran together 3 days a week to always be caught up on each other’s lives! We joked that if we hadn’t had other places to be today, we would have ordered coffee…then brunch…then lunch…and probably an afternoon snack, just losing track of time catching up. (Those are the very best kinds of dates though, aren’t they?)
  • Pool dates. Anne & I had plans to meet at the pool this morning, which was quite wonderful considering it was 104 by the time we walked out of there. Oye!! What made it even better? Anne showing up with donuts (that she had driven to Greensboro to buy!) and the hubbys being able to join us for a quick dip/lunch before their FINAL residency shift.
  • FINAL RESIDENCY SHIFT! Yes, it’s finally here! I can’t believe it. I feel like we have been counting down to residency ending since… well, since it started. Residency has not actually been all that bad… at least not from my perspective. Especially an emergency medicine residency.  But nonetheless, in the journey of becoming a physician, you always feel like there is another step on the path ahead of you before real life starts. There’s getting into med school… then matching…then residency… it’s a little mind-boggling to think that Matt starts his real life, this is it job on Monday.  And there’s no more “next step” unless one day we decided we want a change. (And yes, Monday. So today is a bit anticlimactic…. last day of residency, a weekend off and then oh hey, real world job. What up.) But it’s here, residency is over as of 11 pm tonight and I am so, so, so very proud of him for all he’s done these last 7 years!
  • Wino Jessie K becoming a NC resident today. As we speak, one of my best friends in the whole world is making the drive from Charlottesville to Charlotte where she and her husband are moving. And say a little prayer for her, because her a/c broke YESTERDAY and the poor girl is probably melting somewhere along I-85 right now. Having her in Cville since we graduated has been wonderful – she has always been within driving distance of me as I lived in Baltimore, DC and NC – and Charlottesville has become one of my very favorite places to visit. BUT having her be 100 miles closer door-to-door is very exciting.
  • And last but not least, it is my momma’s birthday today! I wish I was hanging out with her celebrating, especially since she is spending the evening at a Tim McGraw concert! I have the greatest mom in the world and I hope her birthday is every bit as wonderful as she is. And since she has just officially started her first week as a RETIRED teacher, I know she has a summer of fun planned ahead and I’m very excited for her. (And yes, obviously that includes a few visits down to North Carolina to see her grandson in a few weeks!)
  • Five great reasons why today is a good day. Six, if you count feeling a little more well-rested.  Which I guess I should do, since I have definitely entered the phase of interrupted sleep thanks to a squirming little baby who thinks night time is the perfect time to practice tae bo. I have been looking forward to it being Friday since it was Monday. I know, I know – not exactly conducive to the whole being present and “enjoying the next 8 weeks” post I just wrote. Obviously I meant, wishing Monday-Thursday would rush right by and slowly savoring Friday-Sunday. (Isn’t that what most people do anyways?)

    Right now, lack of sleep plus long days at work coupled with seriously uncomfortable desk chair makes for one cranky employee. I know I have not been very cheerful at work and the best I do is just try to focus on getting my calls done, or listening to music or a recorded book when I’m charting to make the day go faster. I’m sure I’m not particularly pleasant to be around right now at work, so at best I hope I’m not particularly difficult to be around.

    Regardless, the weekends are absolute respite. Just being able to change positions throughout the day – to go from sititng,t o standing, to laying down whenever I need to - makes me a much more genial person as a whole! And you know what else will? Spending the rest of the weekend in my nice, cool air-conditioned bubble. Other than my pool date, there’s not much that’s going to drag me out into the 100 degree days this weekend. So it looks like the rest of my weekend is going to be full of alternating between getting some baby-related projects out of the way and relaxing with my newly-minted attending physician husband. Not bad at all.  High five, Friday.


    Anonymous said...

    Residency being over is a HUGE reason why today is a good day!!! That is so exciting.

    Not to mention 10 hours of sleep. That is a gift. Being rested, especially while pregnant should not be taken lightly!

    Enjoy the weekend in your AC bubble!

    A Glenn said...

    High five for that!

    Glad you enjoyed your cupcakes, hope they weren't too hot. Love the pool tradition, see you next Friday!