Saturday, June 30, 2012

End of Residency

MCATS, interviews, acceptance letters, orientation, classes, tests, small groups, sim labs, cadaver labs, call, call and more call, pagers going off, rotations, MICU, TICU, PICU, NICU, trauma, surgery, medicine, thank heavens for an elective month, black weekends, gold weekends, boards, poster presentations, short coats, interviews, match day, envelopes open, old friends, new friends, intern year, July 1, shift work, house officer, charting, charting, charting, off service rotations, conference, ACEP, Moses Cone, adult side, peds side, backside, back up, consults, charting, always more charting, champagne taps, intubations, more conference, tox tutorials, chief year, moonlighting, interviews, contracts signed, final month, final shift, counting down...counting down....

Hard to believe after 4 years of hospital volunteering, 1 year of research, 4 years of med school and 3 years of residency my husband is all DONE! On Monday, he’ll start as an attending physician at a private hospital here in W-S. Unless you know a resident, it’s hard to really describe what a long, hard road it is to become a physician. (Anne actually did a pretty excellent job summarizing it here.) You spend the better part of a decade sacrificing your free time, sleep, social life and energy in pursuit of this career, all the while racking up massive amounts of debt. But all the residents I know, including my husband, are so committed and passionate about their careers. It’s really an amazing thing to have witnessed this whole journey from start to finish. It’s been a long time coming to get to this point and I could not be more proud of my husband!


First year of med school (Spring 2005)


White coat ceremony (October 2006)


Lucky to have known these guys from the very beginning of med school! (Summer 2008)


Match Day…finding out we get to stay at WFU! (March 2009)


Match Day: Med School Friends (March 2009)


Med School Graduation (2009)


Residency Friends (August 2011)


Residency wives & girlfriends who have supported me along the way! (May 2012)


Emergency Medicine Residents (June 2012)


With program director, Dr S. & co-chief resident, Locke (June 2012)


Residency Graduation Dinner (June 2012)


Proud parents! (June 2012)


Congratulations, Husband!


Bari said...

Congrats to your hubby! Best wishes to you both :)

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Congratulations Matt! That is an awesomely long road you (both) have traveled, and you're done. Amazing. Best of everything in the coming days and years ahead of you.
Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Love that Jamie is in the background of the Match Day picture. Love your dress in the Residency Graduation Dinner picture. Love that I've gotten to know you! ove that you guys are staying here! :)

And CONGRATS Matt!!!! And congrats to you too Meg!


Allison the Meep said...

WHEW! What a long journey! Congratulations to both of you for sticking it out.

Also, now that Matt's an official doctor, I'm going to email you pictures of my moles ALL THE TIME to send to him and get his opinion on.

Kidding. Maybe.

Jamie said...

What a journey it has been. It's exhausting just reading that list - can't imagine actually doing all of it! And now it's all over... It has definitely been a great 7 years and so glad that we were able to go through it all together. Here's to 7 strong years for the Bromance and hopefully endless more to come!!