Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hot Dog 30th Birthday

The hot dog party has been months in the making.  Matt and I were watching an episode of Diners, Drivers & Dives last fall that featured a restaurant in Mt Pleasant, SC that had hundreds of different options all for one type of food: the hot dog.  Matt looked at me and said “we should have a hot dog buffet party!”  And the idea was born.

It turned out the perfect time to have it was right around my birthday – with great porch weather setting in, something to celebrate and Matt’s schedule being open – and so the hot dog birthday party was planned.


I can’t speak for our guests, but we both felt like it was a success.  It was an easy party to plan – hot dogs, toppings and a few sides – and a universally loved menu.  Matt added some extra special elements by ordering the delicious pretzel buns from our local hot dog place, Skippy’s, and a birthday cake from Cumberland Café, who made our wedding cake 5 years ago.  I faced my fears of manning the hot oil of a Fry Daddy that my coworker Susan had loaned me and learned that I actually have a hidden knack for frying things.  Who knew!  (I think it’s in our best interest that we return the Fry Daddy asap.)





At one point, I just looked around my porch full of happy friends, adorable babies and good food and just felt overcome with a sense of gratitude and happiness for the little life I’ve been blessed with.  Such a fun and happy night to cap off my 30th birthday celebration! 


A Glenn said...

It was SUCH a happy night, thanks for including us! Of course the hot dogs were amazing, and I think you should make it a tradition of some sorts... please. Nothing better than eating a dog on your porch with a glass of good wine and friends!

Bari said...

Love this idea & happy birthday!!

k. said...

Such a fantastic party idea - I love it. And pretzel buns!

I'm hungry.

(Happy Birthday!)