Tuesday, May 22, 2012

28 Weeks

IMG_159328 weeks! 3rd trimester! What the what!

The theme of this pregnancy continues to be "Meghan is shocked that time continues to march forward despite the fact that that's exactly what time always does."

But, really. Seriously. How am I already in my 3rd trimester? I feel like I am finally getting it in my head that I am indeed pregnant - what with the belly sticking out, the kicks going on in earnest and the random strangers dispensing advice about caffeine and sleep training and car seats.  What is it about being pregnant that makes everybody feel like it is their blessed right to give you advice? Is it because pregnancy is so obviously visible and memorable for anyone who has been through it?  Anyways. Strangers in the elevator at work and their endless stream of opinions - that's a rant for another day.

I'm still feeling pretty good, although I think I'm officially out of the honeymoon phase of the second trimester and can hang up the "easiest pregnancy ever" title for now.  Usher in the stage of: random side cramps when I sit too long, pins and needles across the top of my bump as it streeeeetches, the obvious effect of relaxin on my ligaments when I exercise and oh, just for fun, toss in a 5-day stretch of a GI bug that had me googling "can you get morning sickness in the 3rd trimester?" Since I didn't do a lot of complaining in the first two trimesters, does that mean I get to do extra now?  (Husband shakes his head no, while calmly pointing me in the direction of the pool, handing me a Zofran and wisely refraining from asking why I am wearing the same pair of yoga pants for 4 days in a row.)

As for getting ready, we have the room painted!  And thanks to my two showers, we have pretty much all the gear we need to get this little boy home from the hospital, fed, swaddled, changed, swung, strolled or whatever else this tiny little dictator might demand.  And oh, clothes!  Oh my word, do I have clothes.  I have really loved garage sale and thrift store shopping, because a) I love deals and b) baby clothes are often in SUCH good condition when bought used so I had already done quite a bit of shopping for the little guy.  Then I had my shower, and learned that baby clothes are kryptonite for shower gifters.  THEN my coworker Susan asked me if I wanted her son's first year of clothes as hand-me-downs.  Before I knew it, I was driving home with FIVE plastic tubs of clothing in my backseat.  I've got clothes and then some.  I might not have a clue what to do with this baby when he comes home in a few months, but he'll be well dressed while his momma fumbles about.


I still feel like we have a lot to do before he comes but the next few weeks are busy with travel to the mountains, to California, to Raleigh and to the beach.  I'm giving myself a free pass to just get through the next 4 weeks of living suitcase to suitcase, and then after that I'm on travel restriction until baby comes - so that'll be a plenty of time to figure out how to assemble a crib and what to pack for the hospital.  Oh yea, and mentally prepare ourselves to have our life forever altered.  That's on my to do list, too.  


The Cook Family said...

I don't know what it is about the advice giving, but having been through it myself now I feel compelled to talk to pregnant women and women with babies in strollers. Haha. I'm limiting my suggestions to one right now though: I used Burt's Body Butter on my uncomfortable, stretching skin and got some relief from it. May be worth a try! Love you, Meg!

The Cook Family said...

I don't know what it is with the advice giving, but now having been through it myself I feel compelled to talk to obviously pregnant women and women with babies in strollers. Haha. Right now, I am keeping my suggestions to one: I used Burt's Body Butter on my uncomfortable, stretching skin and got some relief from it. May be worth a try! Love you, Meg!

A Glenn said...

I love the picture of you! Happy that it's going so smoothly, too

k. said...

Your child sounds like he will have the best & most extensive wardrobe on the planet. Good for you! It's so much fun having a little doll (um, child) to play dress up with (um, on).

You look so great. And my itchy belly remedy is shea butter - from Loccitane. It works wonders (& I've never gotten a belly stretch mark in 1 & a half pregnancies!).