Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Happy First of February!

Some more thought provoking questions from my Happiness Project Page-A-Day Calendar…


  • Definitely to go to bed early and wake up early.  I loooove going to bed, and I also love the wee hours of the morning when you wake up early and the world is still very still and quiet.  One of my very favorite things is to travel to the west coast and stay on east coast time – to go to bed exhausted at 9 pm and wake up super refreshed at 6 am. 
  • My favorite parts of my ordinary day are first thing in the morning when I get up and sit on the couch and check my email, and Buddy snuggles up on my feet – and in the winter, that’s paired with coffee and the fireplace and in the summer, that sun is coming up and it might even be warm enough to sit outside.  My other favorite parts of my ordinary days are my work outs – especially on Dance Trance days, cooking dinner and eating with Matt on nights he is home and reading before bed. 
  • My perfect day would start off with writing first thing in the morning, followed by a workout and a big breakfast.  Then I’d do my coaching mid-morning to early afternoon, which is usually when I’m most personable and attentive.  I’d end the workday with emails or other reading – things that require less mental attention than coaching or writing.  Then I’d cook dinner (which I don’t get to do every night because of my work schedule), walk Buddy and hang out with Matt or a friend – ending the day with wine and a good book.  (Ok, can I pretty please have that day every day?)  I don’t totally know how to answer that last question – I do feel like I am doing the best I can do make room for the things I love (working out, cooking, writing) within the confines of my long workday plus commute (and my unwillingness to give up anymore sleep!).

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A Glenn said...

You know, it's really neat that you are close to your perfect day. And that in a few months, you can be even closer! It does make me think about my perfect day, and I guess I'm not sure exactly what it would be so that's why I'm not sure what changes need to take place in my life yet. I always trick myself with thinking I like something when I actually don't, so I know I have to be careful not to idealize too much... we should chat about this some day!