Saturday, February 18, 2012

Real World Palm Springs

I love going on vacation and staying in a home – you’ve got your own kitchen to make a mess in, rooms to retreat to when your vacation companions are on your nerves (what? it happens) and sometimes even a washer and dryer.  Plus, I just love houses – I’m addicted to Zillow and Trulia – so it’s fun to explore a new house.  We’ve always had good luck using VRBO even though it’s a bit of a gamble.  It’s like buying a house sight unseen – you’re going off pictures and descriptions and crossed fingers and hoping the place you’re calling home for a week isn’t going to end up a total lemon.

We lucked out again with the place my parents booked in Palm Springs.  It’s a cute ranch, very modern, lots of bedrooms and my favorite part – a kitchen that looks right out into the family room and dining area.  I love cooking on vacations when you’ve got time and energy to explore new recipes and I was very excited to see this layout.

We walked around like we were contestants on the Real World, claiming bedrooms, opening cupboards and exploring our new home for the week.  I took a handful of pictures of the house before we do what my family does – starts leaving books, flip flops, sweatshirts, computers, etc on every surface.  I actually wanted to pin some of these pics, so it served a selfish purpose.  But I do love this little house we’re calling home for a week!





Bari said...

We've never stayed in a home/rental on vacation. Now that the kids take up more space, I think it make sense to start looking for these when we travel.

k. said...

And your very own pool! I love Palm Springs - my parents had a condo there & we spent every spring break there. What a fun trip!