Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Night in NYC

Shake Shake was just a snack.  An amazingly delish one at that - everything it had been built up to be, and I’m somewhat thankful I don’t live within walking distance of such greasy goodness.  But still, just a snack.  Just a precursor to the theme of the weekend which turned out to be: eat everything delicious in NYC.  We tried really, really hard to achieve this.

For dinner Friday night, Mike and Kathryn took us to a pizza place in Soho called KesteSo good.  I’m probably going to run out of synonyms for “good” by the time I’m doing blogging this weekend.  Fresh ingredients, some kind of cheese that the waiter described as “life-changing” (agreed), prosciutto, basil, artichokes…

(I’m so sorry, Pontillos.  Forgive me.)

Kathryn’s husband took this photo of us before dinner (although she did the settings, so I think technically she “took” the photo).   I love it – it reminds me of something from a magazine.  And you can tell which one of us lives in the city – the only one with proper footwear for a rainy day.  Oops.  And the one who owned enough umbrellas to pass them out to the clueless visitors.  (Confession: I rarely check weather reports.  I am often improperly dressed for the weather.  Such a simple thing to amend and yet…)

Anyways.  Our trip was off to a happy, cheese-filled, lovely evening start.

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jesskeim said...

I love this photo so much. Is your top Boden ;-)

Lindsay Collins said...

I loved reading this post... in my head, I drew out the "and then weeeee" like I was reading a kids book and about to turn the page.

Meg said...

Yes, Boden! And in answer to your tweet, I hadn't looked at the fall catalog yet... been saving it to peruse later with a cup of coffee. Silly but so happy.

Anonymous said...

you are the cutest.

yes, i know i'm supposed to be writing my own posts right now. sorry i got distracted. :)

Jamie said...

Pontillo's is just a "different" kind of pizza. No life changing cheese, but still lots of yumminess!