Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My favorite beach tradition is clam night.  It usually happens on the first night of beach week, but we had staggered arrivals this week and it’s a must that all be present.  My dad mans the grill – usually with a few helpers who have figured out standing near the grill means first dibs.  My mom usually gets stuck carrying the hot clams up to the those of us who are CLAMORING to eat them (see what I did there?)  Before you feel sorry for my mom, she describes eating clams as chewing rubber bands… so I doubt she laments her job too much.  It’s a free for all of forks stabbing, butter dipping and clam slurping.  And I love it.


Even the little ones get in on the action.



Manning the grill.




Claffeys clammin’.

I am such a sucker for traditions.

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Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Funny... our beach tradition is "Shrimp Boil night." We buy several pounds of shrimp, boil them in that spice stuff, and then dump them on the table for peel and eat. Yum! Love clams, too, though, so maybe we should ADD that!!!