Sunday, April 3, 2011


I’ll keep this short and sweet since it is after 10 pm and I am overdue for a date with my pillow….

It is with a smug grin and spirit fingers that I report I did indeed finish BOTH of my other 2 tasks today.

(Weird, but telling the internets gave me an extra level of accountability…)

My book edits are done.

My website copy is done.

My talk is (mostly) done.

Okay, so on that one – I got the “skeleton” of the talk done.  Meaning I’ve created the powerpoint and I wrote out my talking points.  It’ll take me a few rounds of actually doing it out loud before I figure out where to make changes and can really say I’m done.  But I have to say this is definitely the first time I’ve even had a powerpoint done a month ahead of time. 

Which is most excellent because I have a major work project due next week and we’re beach bound shortly after that.  I have a feeling the day of the talk will be here before I know it, so it feels good to have the hardest chunk done.  A month ahead of time?!  I don’t even know myself anymore. 

Now I am going to celebrate by painting my nails, packing my lunch and going to bed.  Woohoo! 


Uhh, of course there’s a gratuitous Buddy picture at the end of this post.  That’s how I roll.

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Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Yay! You're awesome and amazing, and I LOVE Buddie's purse, uh, um, murse. He looks ready to go to, um, yeah, Starbucks. Purple is his color, for sure.