Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I am sorry for every sock I left on the floor.

Every sneaker kicked off at the door.

Every notebook of paper sprawled and neglected on the kitchen table.

Every half-drank soda left on a side table.

Every time I didn’t appreciate all you did to keep our house from looking like a tornado spun through it, daily.


Every week Matt and I scratch our heads and wonder who the people are who came through our house and trashed it.

Every few days, we roll up our sleeves and put it back together and breathe a collective sigh of relief and say “There! Now let’s try really hard to keep it this way.”


Every few days…

(Seriously, anyone got any tricks for keeping your house put together during a busy week?  Jamie Forsey, I’m looking at you.)


Lindsay Collins said...

Unfortunately, I do not have any tips. But I can empathize with you... the only time I get around to picking up the house is when I know the house cleaner is coming the next day. Thank God for that, at least! If only I could afford to have her come around more often... I'd actually have a shot at a picked-up house!

Jamie said...

My only trick is that I pick up everyday after dinner or before bed. Usually it's not too much stuff, so it only takes a few minutes. But I will admit I have gotten softer lately and put things off until the weekend and I regret it every time!