Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I woke up in a mood today. Not only that, but I woke up in that mood 40 minutes late. I tried to curl my hair, but the rain made it go blah. Everyone, and I mean everyone, on the road must have failed their driver's test sixteen times before they were finally allowed to drive. It was just that kind of day. I arrived at work frumpy as all get out, opened my calendar to see my tasks of the day and just.... stopped.

Caught my breath. Realized where this was headed. Before I could go any further, I did something I hadn't done in a little while: a thankful thursday list.

I can't say that I immediately started tap dancing and breaking into song like my gal Rachel Berry, but it did serve it's purpose: it stopped the runaway train of a no-reason-bad-mood and put things back into perspective. Not every day is a 4-star day, but every day of this life of mine has things to be thankful for... just as it is. I needed that reminder. In fact, I need it daily.

Here's what lifted me today, in no particular order:

- Library books on CD that make my commute much easier
- My wonderful hubby
- sleeping in on Saturday mornings
- knee high boots with a skirt
- Heather's visit on Monday
- having an office with windows
- hearing Better than Ezra on my drive in to work
- tomato soup with croutons
- my parents, both my real ones and in-lawed ones
- 4 day work weeks, starting in 2 weeks
- that bad moods always pass
- that after 3 months of doing my "real job" (after all that training), I feel like I finally know what I'm doing and that I'm making an impact with the people I talk to each day
- blog friends: making connections with people through their words and their photos, learning about the lives of women I would probably not cross paths with in real life. I heart the internet for many reasons, but this is a major one.
- that when I went to go pick my doggy up at daycare late on Wednesday, he was behind the desk with the woman who told me he had gotten nervous in the room with all dogs and no people so she brought him up there with her. When I left, she reached down and said "Bye Buds! I love you!" And my heart melted to know that my doggy is in a good hands there.
- 7 weeks until I'm going to the beach
- 6 years ago, I had to go change the registration on my car from NC to DC. When I had to pay taxes on it, I called my Dad in tears because it was more than the sum total I had in my checking account. I went to the DMV on Wed to title my formerly leased car in my name, and it was nice to be able to handle that same situation with less stress, more abundance and zero tears. I bet that goes on my Dad's TT list, too.
- Pregnant friends, who are healthy, and anticipating babies that I will get to cuddle starting in June
- warm weather will be here, has to be here, soon. To stay.

Happy. Blessed. Thankful.


k. said...

Good girl. I tried really hard to think of things to be thankful for today, but then I decided that I just wanted to be grumpy for a few hours.

(I feel better now.)

Lindsay Collins said...

How happy is Buddy in that picture!? He's adorable! Thanks for sharing your TT list.

Unknown said...

SO glad that TT is back! Of course, it's a weekly staple in my class. Here are some of this week's items from my students:

a home
good teachers who give us test corrections
my cat, princess
chinese food
my big sister being there for me