Friday, November 12, 2010

West Coast Birthday

6:30 am. I was close.

Sorry, brother. I realize it's not 9:30 for you but it is for me and although I'm tiptoeing, there's a dog and cat following my every move and oh hey, now that you're up, where's the coffee?

Miracle of miracles, Mike actually did get up (at 7:00 am, Mom!! I witnessed it with my own eyes!!) and joined Matt and I for a run. We took a route that went down to the beach and north along the shore, past a beach specifically for dogs (love!), through a parking lot of surfers coming back from predawn outings, past a skateboard park and back through his architecturally eclectic neighborhood. We stopped, conveniently, in front of a bagel place and refueled with carbs and coffee.

Then Matt and I set out on our Los Angeles road trip. We had mapped out a route that oh so conveniently took us by a Cafe Rio, a restaurant introduced to us by Zac and Jamie when we were in Utah that we are enamored with. It was the perfect birthday lunch for my husband! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

I realize I talk a lot about food in my blog. But just look at this gorgeous salad!

Yes, we made a 75 mile road trip for food.

On the second leg of our journey, Matt indulged me by skipping the expressway and heading west to the Pacific Coast Highway via my hand written directions. I was so nervous I was going to get us lost but I am my father's map reading daughter and in about 12 minutes, the sparkling coast stretched out before us.

The drive took longer but we weren't in a hurry, and it was much prettier and less hectic. (Thank heavens Matt did drive when we were on the freeway, because I might have closed my eyes a few times.). On the PCH, we drove through beach towns like Laguna, Newport and Huntington. I kept expecting to see LC and Lo strolling down the street in Laguna. (Sadly, I did not.)

We got to Santa Monica, where Anna lives, a few hours before she got off work and just killed time- first, bumming wifi in her apartment lobby and second, discovering a happy hour along the marina.

My 3 favorite things in life: my husband, the Internet and wine. Content.

Anna called to say she was back from work, so we headed back to her place. After three or four hugs in the lobby, we just kept holding each other going "I can't believe it's really you!" After 4 years of living together at Wake, our friendship has been cemented and has withstood time and distance, but we haven't actually seen each other since my wedding in 2007! I also finally got to meet her boyfriend of 4 years, Pablo, who I have heard about so much during our monthly phone calls I almost forgot I haven't met him before.

Our hosts took us out to a great restaurant in Venice, famous for their array of burger choices - Kobe, salmon, buffalo, bison, flamingo, you name it.

Ok, maybe not flamingo. There just seemed to be about every type of edible animal and plant on the menu. I had the salmon burger - gotta get my omega-3's!

After dinner we picked up their cute puggle from daycare and headed home. Anna was so thoughtful to have picked up a birthday ice cream cake for Matt, so we had a little birthday celebration before turning in for the night.

Happy birthday, Matt! Hope it was a memorable day!

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