Sunday, November 14, 2010

In An LA State of Mind

Somehow Matt and I managed to talk Anna and Pablo into being super tourists and taking a double decker bus tour of Los Angeles.  Pretty sure we saw everything.  The bus tour started in Santa Monica, at the pier, wandered through Brentwood and Beverly Hills and then we swapped lines at Rodeo Dr.  Then it wound through Hollywood and Sunset Blvd.  Such different aspects of a city, so close together.  I pictured “Hollywood” being so different.  We thought we were going to get off at Pink's to have a famous hot dog, but it was getting late and the bus driver had other ideas.  He pointed out our delicious destination as we sped past, distraught and delirious with hunger. 

IMG_6567 IMG_6459 IMG_6506

After a long day on the bus (and only a cupcake to tide us over, since our hot dog plans were foiled), the 4 of us threw together a magnificent feast - guacamole nachos and bruschetta, followed by steak and asparagus with prosciutto.  Obviously, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs when it came to grocery shopping, and the Pinks drive-by had left us all ravenous!  We had a fun evening at Anna and Pablo’s, where us girls whipped the boys in 90’s-themed trivial pursuit.  I know my 90s, ya’ll.


Sunday morning, we wrapped up our whirlwind Los Angeles tour with a delicious (and hearty) brunch in a quirky little cafe near Anna's house and lots of hugs and promises not to go another 3 years before our next visit!


Allison the Meep said...

When my friends and family used to visit me in L.A., they would always want to see the Hollywood sign, and they were always disappointed. It's so touristey, and most people don't realize that it's L.A.'s sphincter. But Santa Monica is the schnitzel! We used to go there every weekend to the Omelette Parlor, then to a small farmers market, and to the beach. The only thing I miss about L.A.

Unknown said...

Photos from the whole trip are incredible. Someone's becoming rather talented, and I don't mean the automatic water camera.