Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rebuilding Year

Fall weekends in Winston mean one thing: TAILGATES!

Tailgating combines many of my favorite things: good friends, heaps of delicious food and beverages and being outside in the sunshine (at least through most of October!)  I love my alma mater, and I am so happy that Matt and I live in our “college town.”  I am proud to be a Demon Deacon!

Now actually watching those sporting events...well…  On one hand, I did sit through a massive downpour last game to watch us have our 11th straight victory over Duke.  But, I also wasn’t disappointed yesterday when my friend Anne texted me after the first quarter to ask if I wanted to meet back at the car (yay for re-entry this year!) and we ended up staying out the rest of the whole game chatting.  Besides, it’s a rebuilding year this year… I can miss a few games, right?

We had a great turn out for tailgating yesterday… one of those rare weekends when most of the guys didn’t have to work!  Those are few and far between, so we try to take advantage of them when they happen! 

IMG_5818 IMG_5821IMG_5819


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