Friday, November 14, 2008

Yankee Land Delight!

Just a mere 1,700 miles driven in the last week. No biggie. Matt has been off interviewing in the land of blustery winters, harsh accents and rude drivers. In other words, the North! (This is the fun of being a Yankee Belle - I have the right to disparage BOTH geographic locations that I call home!)

NC to York to NC to Pittsburgh to Morgantown to Pittsburgh to NC... Oh my!

Monday he spent up in York, PA interviewing at a private hospital there. Prior to that, our only encounter with York had been to ski at Roundtop Mountain, the first time Matt came to visit me when I was living in Baltimore. It was on this mountain hill that our romance was rekindled... but I don't think the nostalgia was enough to sweeten the visit as a high on the future rank list.

York, PA - Ski Roundtop - Matt's first visit to Baltimore, March 2005

Wednesday he was back on the road to Pittsburgh - a town both of us know well, given that both of our college roommates hail from the Iron City. Dropping a "Go Stillers" into your interview is always a nice touch. Overall though, he sounded truly thrilled with the program at Pitt.

View of Pittsburgh from the top of Mt. Washington (from Britta's Wedding Reception, 7/05)

Today he is in Morgantown, WV interviewing at WVU. We don't know much about Morgantown, so I'm curious to hear his take on the program. Then he is back on the road back to Pittsburgh, for a visit with Jason, a Steelers game and one more interview at Alleghany General before it's back on the road again. Thank the heavens that gas prices have dropped to the low 2's again!

Safe travels, Hubby and get home soon!

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