Friday, November 21, 2008

Greetings from Non-Snowy South Carolina

It is snowing in NC in November.... totally unheard of. Of course, we are not there. We are in sunny, warm Columbia, SC. (Sunny yes, warm is up for debate. Mid-50's.)

Per usual for residency interviews, we had dinner last night with the other applicants and residents last. 3 hours of listening to them talk about "getting airways" (medicine speak for having an oppurtunity to stick a tube down into someone's lungs) and "moonlighting" (working in small nearby hospitals for extra pay in your "free time") and the terrors of July for an intern. (The "omg, I'm a doctor?!!? moment most 1st years experience.)

This morning I dropped Matt off at his interview and took myself on a walking tour of Columbia. The area down by the waterfront (river? canal?) is very nice. Very trendy and cute. Reminded me a little better of Fells Point in Baltimore, but newer. Lots of shops and places to eat. Probably not where medical residents live. The state capitol house was interesting.... and by interesting I mean, a confederate flag is waving proudly in it's front yard. Is that legal?

Now I am working (writing emails, blogs and facebook status updates + 3 legit phone call sessions) in my hotel room til late check-out at 1pm, then I'll go find somewhere to eat and check out USC campus.

I'll pick up the student doctor at 3p and we should be back home to snowy NC by dinner time. After his first six interviews, Matt went on a cancelling spree and went from 21 interviews down to 11. I can see why now. If one more resident asked him "So, do you have any questions about the program?" (knowing full well all applicants had to watch a SIXTY-FOUR slide powerpoint about the program that included details such as the program director's middle name and that south carolina is known as the Iodine State and thus has the lowest incident rate of goiters)... I think his head was going to explode from repressed eye-rolling.

Still left on the interview circuit: Charleston, Duke, UNC and U of R.

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