Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Officially it is tomorrow, but because my husband has become an interview nomad, we are celebrating tonight. I've got all the fixins of a good b-day dinner ready (Paprika Chicken, a favorite of this household) as well as a pound cake with coconut and pecan frosting. Calories don't count on your birthday... right? Matt is off playing volleyball and then he gets to return home to open his presents. Only I forgot that the wrapping paper is in the closet in the guest bedroom, which is conviently barricaded by the drumset we moved to make room for our guests this weekend. So, by unwrapping, I actually just mean seeing them sitting out on the kitchen table. Rats. I hate when I totally lame up a plan. Especially birthdays - my mom was all about birthday hoopla and extravaganza and I haven't quite mastered her ability to make a birthday person feel like a rock star. Give me a few more years... or at least, some wrapping paper.

Happy Birthday, Hubby! I love you!

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