Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Night Recap

This was one of those weekends where I had nothing (planned) to do yet ended up doing a fair amount of things anyways - mostly stuff I have wanted to do for awhile or needed to do. Nothing feels better than lots of check marks on my always present to do list.

Friday night, with our hubs out of town, Jamie and I made a big mess out of her kitchen table and both worked on scrapbooks that are about 3 years old (hers: wedding parties, 2005; mine: first year of dating, 2005.) This year I finally finished a scrapbook from my travel abroad to Spain (2002) and I'm nearly done with my wedding scrapbook (2007). I am declaring this the end of my scrapbooking career. I like the end result, but I just don't find it as rewarding and relaxing as really hardcore scrappers do. Not to mention it's absurdly expensive. I think I like the idea of this serving as my digital scrapbook going forward. I can't put adorable stickers or vellum quotes on here, but I think I'm okay with that. (Truth be told, I can't figure out how to use vellum anyways.)

Saturday morning I drove over to Greensboro to walk in the Arthritis Foundation's 5k walk. Monica and I were scoping it out to determine whether or not our participants could do it next year and it was a really easy trail. Our walkers would dominate it. And then they'd be all over the Krispy Kreme donuts, much to my chagrin. Not really - I ate one too.

In the afternoon, I went over to a house that is being converted into a house of service by a friend of Emily's. 5 of us sorted and folded donated clothing while chatting and the hours flew by. Afterwards, Jamie and I went and did a little clothes sorting of our own at Forever 21. I found an armful of clothing that I liked, but thankfully only two made it past the dressing room scrutinizing. Typical of 21. (And good for my wallet.) Saturday evening, I alternated between working on my scrapbook again, watching Celebrity Rehab and switching out my summer and winter clothes. When Matt called to check in, he found a perfectly content wife. What could be better than being crafty and super organizing projects simultaneously? Nada. Nada my friends.

Sunday I slept in sans alarm which was glorious, then scrubbed the house from top to bottom in preparation for the hubby's return on Friday. I made a quick run to Target for my sistser's birthday present (an LED flameless candle, which sounds super lame-o but is actually way neat) and came home to settle in for a dinner of pesto penne and chicken.

I loved having a weekend to be all projecty and organizing and cleany... but I am also so very ready for Matt to get home and hang out with me!

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