Friday, October 3, 2008

The Only Constant is Change

The interview invitations have started rolling in - four, so far. It is hard to believe just a mere 2 1/2 years ago I was summoning up my "here we go" courage to move back down to Winston... and now I'm sad at the possibility of leaving! But, the possibilities are extremely open right now and the prospect of being somewhere else for a few years holds taps into my adventure-y side. After all, July marked one year in the same residence. That's a record I hadn't tapped since 2002. Woohoo, stability.

Speaking of staying home... for the first time months (it feels like), we are staying home this weekend. Sigh, glorious sigh. There's lemon square baking in the oven, our neighbors are coming up in 20 minutes for bbq chicken and Matt's taking a nap while I blog. THIS is what a relaxing weekend is all about.

A proper blogging of all summer events would have been ideal (since I do imagine this to be my one day digital scrapbook*), but a quick list/recap will suffice. In backwards order until I tire out:
  • 9/26-9/28: Rochester, NY for Fred & Michelle's Wedding
  • 9/19-9/20: Home but ran Salem Lake 10k & did a YMCA talk, Matt on call Saturday
  • 9/12-9/14: Matt on call Friday, dinner party with med school gang and a baby shower for Wake co-worker
  • 9/6-9/8: DC for Jen & Ryan's Wedding
  • 8/29-9/1: 3rd Year Party
  • 8/22-8/23: Cinema Under the Stars
  • 8/15-8/17: (Ok I lied. We took a breather this weekend.)
  • 8/8-8/10: Out in Charlotte with sis, sis-in-law and boyfriend of sis; home to Lincolnton the next day for an anniversary dinner (ours!)
  • 8/1-8/3: Erie, PA for Shelby & Brad's wedding
  • 7/25-7/27: Toronto, ON via Rochester, NY (where we stayed all week)
  • 7/18-7/20: Matt on "mancation" at the beach, Jamie and I ran Beat the Heat 5k
  • 7/11-7/13: Down to Lake Hickory to hang out with the Wards' and fancypants 4th Year Dinner at Old Towne Country Club
  • 7/4-7/6: 4th of July @ Warthogs Game
  • 6/27-6/29: Another breather weekend. Probably reloading groceries!
  • 6/20-6/22: up to mountain house with Zac & Jamie
  • 6/13-6/15: NYC for Shelby's Bachlorette Party
  • 6/6-6/8: Cookout party @ our house
  • 5/30-6/1: Raleigh, NC: Emily & Tim's Wedding
  • 5/23-5/25: Cherokee Lake, TN with Zac & Jamie
  • 5/15-5/17: Mom visiting for Katie's Masters' graduation and my birthday
  • 5/9-5/11: Saunders cookout
  • 5/2-5/4: Race for the Cure and Forseys host Cuatro de Mayo party
  • 4/25-4/27: Tampa, FL for Emily's bachlorette party
  • 4/17-4/19: Myrtle Beach, SC with fam and back to Lincolnton on Saturday for Adria's wedding
  • 4/11-4/13: Myrtle Beach, SC with fam
  • 4/4-4/6: Washington, DC for ipec graduation weekend

Wow. And I wonder sometimes why it seems like it's been weeks since I've done any laundry....

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