Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bragging On My Sharebear

There are few people I love to talk to more than my mom. So while I only got about 10 hours of hanging out time with my mom, it was a restorative 10 hours after an emotionally turbulent (work-related) week. She landed at Greensboro at 2 pm, I had her in the car by 2:25 and by the time we hit I-40 I was already up to Wednesday's happening in the play by play of my drama-filled work week. Poor Mom. Did she get a word in edgewise until I was out the door Saturday morning? Probably not. We had a whirlwind day together, but it was great. I am so lucky to not only have my mom as a terrific mom - nuturing, compassionate, selfless but boundary-setting - but also to have her as a great friend. Friday after I picked her up we "popped in" to Ann Taylor (her idea! I swear!) and I popped out 2 pairs of pants, one sweater and one blouse happier. I suggested we go to Coldwater Creek afterwards, but she declined. Selfless, check. Then we stopped into Teeter to get some pita chips and hummus to tide us over until Katie got here and she ended up buying me a few things to fill my empty fridge. Nuturting, check. We went home and chatted over pita chips and wine, and she listened to my share all my thoughts, worries and concerns without judgement or unsolicited advice. Compassionate, check. When my sis got here, the three of us went to Riverburch where we dined on shared appetizers and salads and laughed so hard even the waiter wanted to know what was funny. (Ice cream cones on craiglists and naughty Shakespeare references. I'll tell you later.) Then we came home and talked some more, until I couldn't prop my eyelids open. Best friend, check. I am so lucky.

Fastest parental visit ever, considering she's 700 miles away! She's off to Charlotte to spend the rest of the weekend with the sis, and I'm off to the Y to give a talk on eating habits and then to Greenville to see the displaced hubby. What a weekend!

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