Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Update

Holy cow, this was a crazy busy weekend. At least busy by new standards which is "events that require me to blow dry my hair and/or wear pants with a button." This weekend that was THREE events.

Friday, Bo and I drove down to Charlotte for my sister's birthday part. Charlotte is the perfect road trip distance for us right now - Bo's on a 3 hour feeding schedule and it takes me almost 2 hours to get to my sister's house. I try to time long distance drives with when he naps best, so that meant I got down to Katie's before she was home from school.

We made ourselves at home while we waited.

We had dinner and some playtime with Aunt Katie, and then Bo went down for bed right before the party started. (Perfect timing!) The party was fun and it was great to meet a lot of the friends I've heard Katie talk about before, although I could have done without being referred to as "older Claffey." We stayed up way too late - after the guests left and Dylan and I cleaned up the kitchen, I briefly considered just hanging out for another 30 minutes or so for Bo's middle of the night feeding. (I didn't and he gifted me by sleeping for an extra 2 hours past his usual wake up time!) I was sleepy when the Bo alarm went off for real in the morning, but it was worth the trip to celebrate my baby sister's birthday!

When I got back to Winston, Matt's sister Micah met me at home for a Bo hand off. She had mentioned she wanted to some playtime with the Bo, and somehow Matt convinced her to babysit while we tailgated and went to the Wake game. Sister in law to the rescue! I'm not sure she knew she was signing up for a full day with the Biscuit, but she was a total trooper. Hopefully he paid her in smiles and giggles, since I know there was at least one outfit change that occurred.

Our tailgate - the last one of the year! - was super fun. It was a perfect fall day - just a little crisp, but warm in the sun. Ever since we did our low country boil at the beach, we had talked about doing one for a tailgate. It worked out great - and it was lots of fun standing around the table eating together. Usually people are all over the place at our tailgates - someone is grilling, other people are playing washers or cornhole, the girls are usually sitting in chairs and chatting. We realized we rarely eat together and it was a nice change of pace.

I also brought back my new favorite fall drink that I had in Charlottesville - the snakebite! Half cider and half beer. I love cider but I get so overdone on the sugar... and I'm not a big fan of beer anymore. This is the perfect half and half.

And for once... we had a winning team! A solid win for the Deacons. About time!

We came home from the tailgate and crashed hard. I put the baby to bed while Matt made pizza and I think we both got to bed around 9:30. I'd blame parenthood for our exciting Saturday nights, but I think we've always crashed early after tailgates. Standing around in the sun eating and drinking will take it out of you!

Finally, on Sunday morning, we met up with Anne and Locke for breakfast at Mary's Gourmet Diner. That's on our Dining in the Dash list, so I'll have to save my thoughts on that for a separate post. Bo came with us for that and was in pretty good spirits, despite the long wait eating up most of his precious "alert time" and running into what needed to be the next nap time!

I wrapped up Sunday night with a great dance trance class led by Anne. It's funny how much I used to dread Sunday nights... and now, they are just like any other day. In one way, it is kind of weird how the weekends don't feel different than any other day. There's no sleeping in on Saturday mornings or staying out late on Friday. (Well apparently there is, but there is major payback to the piper when that is done.) But on the other hand, it's an amazingly great feeling not to have the Sunday night dread. I love going to bed on Sundays knowing that my little alarm clock will certainly wake me up bright and early, but the first thing on our agenda will be to do tummy time (for Bo) and coffee time (for Mom.)

It was a super fun weekend, but busy busy busy. The next few days will be much more laid back, which means getting Bo back on a good nap schedule and getting me back into yoga pants! (It's all about balance, of course.)

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A Glenn said...

Like it all!

And, no baby Bo meltdowns or spit ups (in public at least)! :) Good weekend.