Thursday, November 8, 2012

Growing Up

I feel like as soon as Bo hit the 12 week mark, the changes in his personality, awareness and skills have been rapid fire.

Today, while we were waiting for my books to be priced out at a used bookstore I grabbed a book with some bright designs in it. I read to him every night, but he never looks at the book. In fact, I've gotten lazy and often just recite two of the three books I've memorized (Goodnight Moon, the Goodnight Book and Is Your Mama a Llama?) since he's not really paying attention to the book - just listening to the rhythm of my voice. But today! Today, he was intent. Focused and quiet, his little tongue sticking out of his mouth as he stared at the pages of this book.

(I bought it, of course.)

Tonight I also set up his high chair and he joined us at the dinner table. Usually he naps in the evening for an hour, and I use that time to cook and he wakes up right as we are eating. It often ends up one of us is holding him in our lap while we eat. Obviously he's not eating real food yet, but I thought maybe he would fuss less if he could sit up and see us. Sure enough, he sat through all of dinner content to listen to our chatter and look at our faces. (And I'm appreciating this small interval of time before he starts to grab and reach!)

He looked so grown up (although a bit unsure of this new scenario) sitting in his chair. Be still a momma's heart.

The amazing thing about this rapid fire growth is that it somehow seems to make each day, like an otherwise insignificant Thursdays, feel important and noteworthy. My phone archives are already full of pictures marking little moments of each day that I want to remember or things I want to report to Matt when he gets home. It's amazing this process of a little tiny person unfolding before your very eyes and I totally get why every single stranger tells you not to blink or you'll miss it.


The Cook Family said...

YAY for 3 months! That was definitely when I noticed a huge difference in Jeffery as well. It just keeps getting more and more fun from here on out! Enjoy it mama!

Jess said...

Oh my gosh...he is SO like Cameron!! And we have the same high chair - we love it!!

Thank you for your comment...I can't respond because you don't have an email address linked to your comments. :( As far as getting Cameron to sleep in different places - we have always kept our house at a normal noise level when he's sleeping so little sounds don't wake him up. When we are out of the house, he naps, but not for a really long time (maybe 30 minutes), but it's better than nothing!! I think that keeping the TV on, washing the dishes, doing laundry, etc, while he's sleeping is the key to GOOD sleeping! Otherwise, we don't do anything. Sometimes, we turn on the white noise app on our phones if we are somewhere "too quiet" that a loud sound would wake him up. But, last Friday, we were at a restaurant, so it was loud enough to keep him asleep :)

Oh, and it's true...time will start FLYING now! Cameron learns so much every day. It's amazing to literally watch him learn!!!