Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Matt turned 31 yesterday and he celebrated by taking an 8-hour long test.

Not fun.

Fortunately, we had a fun evening planned for when he got home. Dinner plans that involved about a pound of melted butter, to be exact.

We had friends Anne + Locke and Kate + Charlie over to be our guinea pigs for a surf and turf. Matt's first time cooking lobster - yes, he cooked his own birthday meal! - and it was a resounding success.

We had a great meal with friends and toasted to many things, including both Matt and Kate celebrating their birthdays and Matt and Locke completing their boards. No more standardized tests for another decade! Now that is prosecco worthy!

I am so thankful for this guy. He's my best bud, an awesome doctor, a doting daddy and now ... we can add lobster chef to his resume. I am so lucky to celebrate another birthday with him and toast to another great year ahead! Happy Birthday, hubs!


A Glenn said...

Best chef ever! I nominate Matt to make every one of our birthday meals. You know, I do have one coming up.... :)

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Hate that we missed the celebration!