Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Day. For Real This Time.

Last night, I rolled my eyes at more than a dozen facebook statuses about getting snow today. “We’re supposed to get 10 inches!” “Snow day tomorrow!” “Mmkay”, I thought, as I went to bed… “We’ll see about that.”

I’ve lived in the South long enough to know that the promise of snow is usually much more potent than the actual delivery of snow. I’ve had days off from work that ended up demonstrating not even a hint of precipitation, and I’ve accidentally gone to Harris Teeter because I very genuinely needed a few supplies, like a box of wine,, only to be confused and then appalled at the mile deep line of people buying bread and milk. And being a New Yorker by birth, I scoffed at the panic and delight that my friends and neighbors show at “snow” here – ya'll, if you can see grass still, it doesn't count.

But this? This is snow.

12 18 09 Snow Day 037

12 18 09 Snow Day 038

12 18 09 Snow Day 040 Someone just threw a snowball at him. Hint: It was not me.

This is the kind of snow that makes me homesick for Rochester and nervous to take the car anywhere but from the driveway to the garage. Unfortunately, my dear husband is headed into work right now in this mess. There is no way our neighborhood / the road leading up to our neighborhood / the road leading to the road leading up to our neighborhood will be clear. It seems they should call a snow day for the ER … half the people who come there aren’t real emergencies anyways. If you’re reading in real time, give a little prayer for safe driving for DeacDoc, please.

Meanwhile, I am guiltily sitting on the couch with a snoring pup, a blazing fire and a seriously scrumptious glass of Gewurztraminer. (Can someone give me a phonetic pronunciation of this? Or can we all just agree to call it Gertzie?) This is the view from our second floor, down to our living room… I love how it’s practically white-out through our living room windows. It feels cozy and lovely. Yet I won't totally enjoy this vista until I get the phone call from a certain someone that they are safe and sound in the hospital parking lot. Welp.

12 18 09 Snow Day 052

Update: Matt has called and is at the hospital, but none of the roads were cleared (including Highway 52 and I-40.) If you don't have anywhere you need to be, stay home!


jesskeim said...

Love this view!!! What is this new fun-sounding drink. Never heard of it. Do share to WLS.

Jen said...

lots of delicious gewurtz in the pacific nw - def time for a trip!! :)

and it's pronounced by most out here as: "guh-vertz-tra-meener", though most people just say: "guh-vertz"

Anonymous said...

I live in the South, too, and I think the SAME THING when I hear it's snowing...yea right! haha. So funny when it actually happens. Your home looks so cozy! :)

Meg said...

Thanks, Diana! It was super cozy with that blizzard outside, geesh. Did ya'll get that snow too, wherever you are?

JT - My aunt made me practice the pronunciation until I got it right... like a true wino. Now I'm ready to go get some more!

JK - Let's make it a mission to find some on our trip.