Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Visit to Pittsford, The Highlights:

2009 Christmas 089

Seeing Avatar in 3-D.  Wearing 3-D glasses the rest of the week, whenever deemed necessary.

2009 Christmas 087

Cooking together as a family.  Sweet potatoes, which every single person added something to.

2009 Christmas 107

My husband added the marshmallows, of course.

2009 Christmas 113

Watching the men do the dishes.

2009 Christmas 123

Listening to my brother play piano.  He is absurdly gifted.

Example: I fell asleep one night listening to him play the most melodious song I think I’ve ever heard.  I made a note to ask him what it was, because I wanted to download it on itunes.  Turns out he was making it up as he goes along.  Insane.

2009 Christmas 092

Coffee with my mom.  Sitting by the fire with my Daddy-o.  I love my parents.

2009 Christmas 148

Time with my Grandpa.

2009 Christmas 197 2009 Christmas 204

Realizing my “little” cousins have become grown up girls. 

2009 Christmas 228

Christmas Morning.

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