Sunday, March 25, 2012

Real Life Pinterest: Junior League Tour of Fine Spaces

I have this sort of fascination with going to open houses, despite the fact that I’m not actually buying a new house anytime soon.  It’s partially because I’m very nosy but also because I have always, always loved architecture.  (Little known fact: my 2nd career choice when I was in high school was architecture but as it turns out, I lack the, how do I put it, precision and carefulness it requires.)  So when I saw that the Junior League had a Fine Home Tours which was basically 10 back to back open houses - most in my favorite neighborhood in Winston – I decided I had to go.  Coupled with the fact that each house was going to have a local chef offering samples of their food?  Yup, I had to go.

I talked my other housie and foodie friends, Kate, Charlie and Anne, into going and we set off on our culinary and home design adventure.  I didn't really know what to expect but it was amazing.  It was really like being in a real life Pinterest page.  Each home was more beautiful than the next.  The homes are chosen because they have had work done by local contractors - kitchens, bathrooms, landscapes, renovations, etc and they were all truly incredible.  Most of the homes we were in had been built in the 1930s-50s and they each have such a unique sense of charm and style, but it was very cool to see how the renovations - some quite modern - worked within the homes.

And the food was quite great too!  Chilled avocado soup with chicken salad sliders?  Mini cheesecake bites?  Cake balls?  It really was like walking through real life Pinterest - I just needed a craft station at each house to have rounded out the experience.


If you live here locally and like design, I'd highly recommend doing it next year - it is an annual event.  I am definitely signing it up for it next year - and I'm coming hungry.

These were a few of my favorite features from some of the homes that we went to.  They aren’t great pictures because they are all from my phone – lots of people were snapping phone pics but I would have felt over the top voyeuristic busting out my SLR.


My kingdom for a farmhouse sink and subway tiled kitchen!


A Glenn said...

Ok, seriously, I was soooooo about to write a very similar post! I still might, because the pictures are so pretty :)

k. said...

That porch! Oh my.

I went to something similar this winter in Houston. So fun to see how other people live...