Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday: In Pictures

I was cleaning pictures off my cell phone and noticed that most of the pictures I took were things that made me happy in the moment I took them.  So what better way to “save” these pictures than a Thankful Thursday, picture edition? 

Today, I am thankful for….


  • Patio furniture, warm nights, dinner on the deck looking out into a huge backyard…. and thankful that no one has bought the lot behind us yet.
  • My wonderful Hubby, seen here in his Ninja scrubs, who has worked countless days in a row and is getting closer and closer to his well-earned vacation in May!


  • Buddy, seen here as a burrito.  He is one hot mess of a dog, but he has most definitely found a permanent spot in our hearts.


  • Annnnnd, on our bed.


  • Meepcakes.  (Well, cupcakes of all varieties, I have a thing for cupcakes.)  These are my Twitter-friend Allison’s cupcakes that she sells at the Krankie’s Farmers Market.  They’re GF, but they’re also stinkin delicious.


  • Smooshy faces.


  • Two doglets, one car.  Way better than I ancipated.


  • Boats, lakes, dogs.  (This may as well be TT, Dog Edition.)


  • Little kid umbrellas.  Barely covered my head but SO cute.


  • Jammin in the car.  Probably one of my favorite hobbies of all time.

PIC-0033 PIC-0032

  • Libraries.  They make me feel 12.  (I snuck into the YA section.  I think I’ve read every book there.)  (This is an old pic.  I did not break my Reading Resolution and check more out!)


  • My baby, my sweet, my lovely, my precious.  My sweet beautiful Rebel.


  • Orla Kiely.  Specifically, Orla Kiely at Target.


  • Wegmans.  Best darn grocery store in the WORLD. 


  • The beach, where I will be spending my birthday in just 3 short weeks!


  • Lazy Sunday afternoons.  My two favorite guys.


  • My gorgeous bed that my Hubby built.


  • Friday morning routine: chai tea latte + perfect oatmeal.  {Although slightly worried that I was greeted by name last week.}


  • Online grocery shopping.  Not an exaggeration to say it has changed my life.


  • Seeing my old car in traffic in Winston, at least once a month.


  • My sister.  Who is, in fact, reading in a sports bar here while we watched a WFU football game.

Happy Weekend!  What are you thankful for?


Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

You. I am thankful for you. You have brightened my day, and my life. I laughed out loud at Buddy Burrito, and everything else just warmed my heart today.
I love you, little girl who's not, in fact, so little anymore, but who will ALWAYS be my little girl!
Happy life.

Meg said...

You are too sweet! This post was right up your alleys... lost of doggies. :)

Lindsay Collins said...

Wow - what a great list!

I am thankful that when I screwed up a recipe tonight (needed for a party tomorrow) and went upstairs and semi-pouted to my husband that I screwed up the recipe, that he offered to run up to the store for me. It was a small act, but I was very thankful! I love those little favors...

Unknown said...

1. Barbara Kingsolver (whom I was reading in said sports bar).
2. That I'm not rockin' that kappa part anymore.
3. That you took a photo of saddle club books! Stevie, Carole, and Lisa were my bffs in the fifth grade.
4. Wegmans. Ditto.
5. You, obviously.