Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Molly Paper

My sister got engaged!  Did I tell you that yet, blogworld?  I think I did, back in a Thankful Thursday.  Anyways… Katie and Dylan got engaged in February, and the moment I heard the happy news I knew what I wanted to give the love birds as an engagement gift. 

A beer coozie with the International Symbol of Marriage!!!!


Ok, after I sent that to Dylan, I got to work ordering my real engagement gift.  My sister’s friend, Molly, is a super talented stationary designer and I have been WAITING for Katie to get engaged so I could order her some cute-as-can-be stationary.  Molly did the designs based on a few emails we sent back and forth with ideas, and integrated Katie’s wedding colors into the design. 

Kate loved the cards.  And she loved that I made her pose outside holding the cards and flashing her bling.  Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but she looks cute anyways so I’ll post it. 

Thanks, Molly, for your talent and thoughtfulness!  You do great work.  Ya’ll go check out her stuff here

IMG_3494 Katie, Her Cards, and a half-hearted “show me your bling” effort.

IMG_3488 Lovebird Cards.

Hey, FTC regulations require me to tell you that MollyPaper did not pay me to endorse her lovely stuff.  In fact, I paid her for the cards.  Just so we’re clear on that and I don’t get sued.  Good?  Good.

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Unknown said...

Sometimes I make up excuses to send notecards to people just so I can show them off. Love them.