Saturday, July 11, 2009

From Townie to Tourist

About two weeks ago, all the new interns arrived in town and we've been having lots of get to know you activities. Last Tuesday, one of the new interns emailed the group to invite us to get together at Filling Station. Apparently every Tuesday night, FS has a Shrimp Boil and features a cosmo and coronitas special and beach music.

Now I'm no stranger to Filling Station's special: every Wednesday night my senior year of college my five girlfriends and I would get together for dinner at Filling Station and HALF-PRICED WINE BOTTLES. I know, right? By mid-year, we'd arrive to find our table set and two chilled bottles of Kendall Jackson ready for us. (This is where the name "winos" had originated from.)

But I had never known about their Tuesday night Shrimp Boil, and we were excited to try it out. Three things we love: seafood, beach music and cosmos. Or coronas, if Matt was writing this entry. A trio of happy things.

Nothing disappointed, except perhaps the choice of table location (right underneath the speakers) and we had a great time getting to know the new interns. It's funny how people brand new to your town can introduce you to things you've never known was right under your nose, perhaps because you just start to become so comfy in your own town you stop seeking out new things.

Low-Country Boil: Shrimp, Sausage, Corn, Potatoes, YUM.

Have you ever felt like a tourist in your own town? It makes me inclined to seek out some new experiences in our town - I'm sure there's many other nooks and crannies in Winston I have yet to discover! It makes me even more excited to know that we're here for the next three years of residency, because I'm sure there's much more in this town I have yet to find.

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Ok.. im doing this with you, then you are coming to eat chicken and dumplings with me!!