Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jamie at 37 Weeks

Back in May, my friend Jamie and I did a fun shoot to reveal via her blog that she was having a little girl.  At that time, she was 20 weeks pregnant and we talked about doing another shoot when she was farther along and showing a little more.  September seemed soooo far away in May. 

Fast forward to week 37….


She’s looking slightly more pregnant these days.  And, I know it’s a clich√© to call an expectant mother glowing but I’m sorry… what else is there to say?  She is. 


Jamie posted her faves on her blog already, so I’ll refrain from getting carried away and posting tons and tons more here.  It makes me so happy to know that I was able to capture this moment for her before her little one arrives.  I already love this little girl as much as I love her momma!


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Jamie said...

Yes I am glowing in the pics, but not for the same reason you are referring too - it was so hot & humid that afternoon. And thanks for being such a good friend and helping me with the bangs. Butt bangs = bad pictures