Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday Toast





Happy 30th birthday to my gorgeous, kind-hearted and funny best friend. 

I started this post off writing a list of all the funny and happy memories I have of you over the last ten years of our friendship, but it got insanely long, incredibly sappy and frankly, there’s some things I don’t want to share with the interwebs.  So I’ll just say this: Em, you bless everyone in your life with your huge heart, your infectious laugh and your incredible ability to be so present and tuned in to whoever you are spending time with.  You’ve also now become the first wino to break in motherhood and you’re setting the bar high with how gracefully you’re handling all the challenges that come along with that.  My birthday wish for you is that this new decade of life brings back to you all the love and joy you’ve given to others over the years in spades to you.  I hope your house stays full of Claire-giggles, your husband continues to be your best friend and you know how much your friends adore you.  Happy Birthday, darling. 


(Thanks for the pictures, Jessie K.  Hope you don’t mind I “borrowed” them.)

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