Sunday, August 7, 2011


Oh how I needed this weekend.  It felt gloriously long (and it was - 3 days!) and relaxing and I was HOME.  Here.  In my very own zip code.

Don't get me wrong - all this travel and visiting and garage sales and weddings and baby showers - they have made for a fun and wonderful summer.  And we are taking off again next weekend to the lake, and soon football tailgates will start and then it will be the holidays and then...

Okay, so right.  Life is a little busy these days.  I laughed out loud when I got this comment on Twitter because it felt way too true:

kd tells it like it is

In 29 years of living with myself, I've learned I do best with intervals of rest and recovery built in, in whatever I’m doing – running, working, studying and now, apparently, my social life.  This was my r&r weekend and it was soooo needed…. and appreciated.

Thursday night we went on a double-date with Anne and Locke to Riverburch and discussed important topics like how to make sure Matt and Locke get a job at the same hospital with the same vacation schedules. Very, very important.


Friday was errands and house-cleaning and dance trance and cuddling in bed with a schmoopy puppy dog and a hot cocoa and Big.


Saturday was sleeping in and running and a blog date with this lovely lady and tackling an overdue project of cleaning off my desk so it can actually (gasp!) be used.


Sunday was Y-ing and even more blogging (caught up?!) and Pinterest-ing and cooking dinner with my husband of almost-four-years (Thursday!).


It was a much needed weekend.  I'm rested and relaxed and ready to run another lap.

Also?  It was my high school bestie Krissy's birthday and Kate & Charlie's first anniversary.  Happy and Congrats!

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