Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Velcro Dog

Buddy's last week was a little chaotic, between our four day visit from dachshund Layla, 2 back to back days at Doggy Daycare and an overnight stay at our friends' house. Like any routine oriented species, he's been showing some signs of regression these last few days. We call this velcro dog syndrome. Buddy, in general, follows me or Matt around the house. He's learned that the bedroom and dinner table are both off limits, but other than that, where ever you go, there he be. He's been improving with that lately, allowing us free range to walk from the living room to the kitchen or folding laundry without standing underfoot. However, after his stressful week, he is back to wanting to be where ever we are.

Buddy & Layla. The stress of having to share.

Case in point? As noted in my prior blog, I've been spending a great deal of time in one particular room of the house. If I'm not intentional about latching the door all the way, it isn't long before a little paw comes and swings the door wide open. If I do shut it, I can pretty much guarantee on tripping over his curled up body as soon as I walk out. I get up frequently during the night to use the bathroom when I'm flaring, and I usually check to make sure Buddy's sleeping soundly in his corner of the living room as I pass through. Tonight, I got up and saw no signs of Buddy. I was a little perplexed until I rounded the corner to find him curled up, sound asleep, right in front of the bathroom door.

Dog knows where his momma gon' be.

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