Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Things, Today:

  • gorgeous red trees in my neighborhood. Good work, God.
  • silent, pristine morning walks with my doggy, the thinking time it affords me and the (relative) calm it gives him
  • all green lights on the way to an appointment I may have been running a tad late for
  • photography class
  • that my hubby loves his job
  • driving home phone calls to my momma
  • 2 books I've been wanting to read are on CD at the library. double WIN: audiobooks make commuting on 52 more tolerable and library means FREE. Incredible.
  • my Aunt Jennifer
  • amazing coaching session today
  • my marriage
  • the way Buddy curls up in his bed with his face all smashed into the side of it
  • feeling brave enough to drink half a caramel macchiato today; not getting sick
  • my delightful, hard-working intern
  • a comfortable, loungey night with girlfriends last night
  • Of June, the new Owl City album. All happy listens, but start with Hello Seattle.
  • Hulu... since SOMEONE let Nitro Circus and American Choppers bump The Office from DVR
  • getting to see my baby sis in 2 weeks
  • Heather emails/texts
  • my clients
  • the most perfect fall weather air this afternoon
  • having a great relationship with my in-laws
  • the slideshow my photog instructor put together of my classmates' Dixie Classic Fair photos. So much talent.
  • Katie & Levi's news that they are having a little girl
  • the always friendly baristas at Starbucks Robinhood Rd
  • Swaptree. This week I traded Beer Can Chicken (don't ask) and Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals for a John Ortberg book and Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now. I heart swapping.
  • the yummiest shrimp I've had in a long time, cooked by MY hubby for dinner
  • Winos
  • How supportive my friends & family are of my business.
  • My sweet little house. I love every corner of it - even the corners with Buddy fur.
  • But I especially my bed. Where I shall retire now.
  • And then it will be Friday. Which I am also thankful for.
I am thankful that having a dog with separation anxiety means I never have to do anything alone anymore. ANYTHING.

Swapping. I am thankful for books, esp free ones.

Red trees.

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