Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day Version 2.0

Another snow day! And of course, it's all melted by now.

It's been a nice morning... if I must confess, I didn't bring all that much work home last night so I didn't have tons I could do today. I've finished the laundry, re-organized my purses and shoes (which has such an immediate happy calming effect), cleaned out that one pantry door that drops measuring cups and cheese graters on my head whenever I opened it, got all the ingredients ready for dinner, put curlers in my hair, sliced up an apple and cheese for a real-food snack, dusted the bedroom.... and then read 20 food logs just to call it a work day. Ahh, heaven.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a stay at home wife. Yes, I mean sans bebes. I can imagine when/if I do stay home with wee tykes, I won't be happily seated on the closet floor deciding if I want to arrange my Vera's by shape or by pattern. I will be removing power cords from mouths, wiping poopy butts and microwaving Smiley face french fries. I am sure all this will be accompanied by oozy goozy feelings of love, but in the meantime I'll take my happy in the form of organizing and having a dust-free home on this surprising and quiet gift of a day.

Um, yes I took a picture of my pantry...why, is that weird?

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Jamie said...

I love organization days!!! See we could be very productive if we were stay at home wives.