Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Delight

Hello, sunshine. Hello, warm weather. Hello, RUNNING SHOES. Please, please, please, weather gods and anyone else listening... DON'T GO AWAY. This is the kind of weather I love. It's not hot, it's not cold. You're comfortable in a t-shirt and light pants. The grill beckons to be used. Windows are rolled down on cars and we start to wonder if we can pack up our cardigans.

The best part of this weather, for me, is running. Running outside today feels like slipping seamlessly through the air. There's no cold to burn your lungs, there's no heat to blanket you and follow you around like your own personal sauna. I love this weather, and I'm going to usher in some sore overused hip flexors if it keeps up because I cannot stop myself from lacing up and heading over to Buena Vista to slip through the perfect air along the cracked sidewalks, delightfully surprised at the February spring we've been blessed with. Please stay like this? Pretty please?


Jess said...

Charlottesville is waiting for you :-)

Page said...

Ohhhh I so agree!!!

Now let's just get this baby out of me so I can actually JOG without having to turn around 5 minutes into it to hurry to the bathroom

Meg said...

Jess, I think this officially counts as my training starting... now the plan is just to stick with it.

Page, just a couple more months! You'll be running this summer!

enemith00 said...

I'm totally with you! I went out for a long one in Buena Vista on Sunday... about 4 miles longer than planned. Let's just say I was enjoying myself a little too much and definitely felt it on Monday :)

alannahbean said...

agreed! it's even thawing in the wild and wooly northeast. fifty degrees = glipse of pavement = see mal run (sprinter prance). ahh :)