Monday, February 2, 2009


Saturday night we went down to Matt's hometown to hang out with his family to celebrate his Pa's birthday and his grandparent's 64th wedding anniversary. Sixty-four years! That is a long, long time. We gathered for a meal of hushpuppies (and fish, but I tend to ignore anything else when you put hush puppies in front of me) the night before the lunch celebration. I was glad we had a chance to do that, becuase during the night Matt came down with the same GI bug that had knocked me out the week prior. Oops - and I always thought he was the most immune person ever for surviving his peds rotation without even a sneeze! Once he felt about 30% human, we packed it up and headed back home to Winston where he spent the next few days quarantined in our house and slurping Gatorade. I felt awful for getting him sick and having to call it quits on the celebration, but glad we had the night before for a quiet dinner together with the fam and Nanta & Pa.

I just have to say, I am so fortunate to have a family-in-law that just makes me feel like one of their own. They have done that from day one, and I know that more people have in-law situations that are a little less everybody loves everybody and a little more Everybody Loves Raymond. Although I have laughed until tears sneaked out of my eyes as my girlfriends try to one up each other with mother-in-law stories - it's a tie between the mother in law who rearranged all the kitchen cabinets while her new daughter in law wasn't looking versus the soon-to-be MIL who is pushing relentlessly for a Stampin' Up themed-wedding - I have just always felt totally blessed that I married into a family like this. My parents were both very close with their in-laws, even calling them "Mom" and "Dad" and I'm so fortunate to have the same.

So here's a little shout-out to my wonderful family-in-law, who did a brilliant job of raising a son who puts all his dishes in the dishwasher and a brother who knows never to knock on the bathroom door while I'm doing make-up and ask if I'm ready yet. Thank you, fam-in-law, for the open door you've held since day one.


Sis-in-law & Nanta and Pa.

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