Wednesday, April 25, 2012

24 Weeks


If I am doing my math right, that means I am 6 months pregnant.  I must not be doing my math right, because WHAAAAT?  (The whole weeks to month conversion thing does throw me off a little...)  Anyways, regardless of whether I am 24 weeks or 6 months or carrying-a-baby-the-size-of-a-rutabaga, I am amazed that I am this far along in my pregnancy.  It is going fast.

And my doctor told me not to say this too loudly lest I tempt fate and piss off friends, but it's been wonderfully easy and dare I say, enjoyable so far.  For the most part, I'm not consistently uncomfortable.  My biggest complaints are either from eating too much - something entirely avoidable - and sitting too long.  Unfortunately, my job makes the sitting too long unavoidable but with the help of the most fantastic massage therapist ever and having my coworker fuss at me every time she sees me slouching or leaning to one side of my arm rest, I'm working through that.

Knowing it's a boy and having a nickname we call him has made him feel much more real to us - as has the large unassembled crib crowding our front hallway. (Crib fairies come assemble those things, right?) And I'm starting to feel more kicks and flutters throughout the day, which are a nice reminder that he's in there.

It's also nice to finally really look pregnant and yet not be uncomfortably pregnant yet.  In fact, I know this may sound strange but I really feel better about my body now than I have in probably the last 14 years.  I mean, in general I tend to be pretty comfortable in my body...but I think every woman has moments where they're consciously aware of how they look or think they look with regards to particular "trouble zones."  Mine has always been my stomach and well, there's no worrying about how that looks.  It's a bump!  It's cute!  Moving on!  It's the first time in 14 years I've worn a bathing suit or a form-fitting shirt and not thought once about how I looked in it.  I might feel differently 10 weeks from now when it's the middle of July and I'm in ready-to-pop stage, but right now this is the most accepting I've ever felt about my body.  Booyah.

The whole reality of having a baby has not really sunk in yet.  I'm assuming that happens on the drive home from the hospital when you realize that yup, it's official, you're in charge of a tiny dependent squawking little human.  I've been reading a good handful of books recommended to me by friends (Baby Whisperer, Babywise, Happiest Baby on the Block, Sippy Cups are Not For Chardonnay, etc) but I kind of have a feeling the whole experience is going to be a bit like when I went to Spain after studying Spanish for 6 years and was rudely awakened to the fact that no amount of books can prepare you for a full immersion experience.  Sink or swim, baby. Aye, dios mio, no estoy preparando para esto.

So! That's week 24.  I had every intention of writing an update weekly but I've been busy eating breakfast twice a day, shopping for more leggings and combing yard sales for a good deal on a Fisher-Price Baby Coma-Inducer aka the Snugabug swing.  Oh and getting 8 hours of sleep - figured I better get that in while I still can.


k. said...

Truth! Nothing can totally prepare you - but those books WILL help a bit. :)

Your bump is so perfect! And I hate your guts for feeling so great! Not at all, actually. I'm pleased as punch! Just have lots of babies for me. :) Being pregnant is for the birds (for me).


Rachel Garavito said...

I felt the same way about my body image! I loved being pregnant. You look terrific! great post and i'm so happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You look stunning and yes, love this time when you feel this gorgeous! I am due to give birth (also to a boy) on Friday and the pains are... Interesting. I still think my hair is gorgeous and the best that has looked in years! I too never wore figure-hugging t-shirts etc before getting pregnant and showing off 'the bump' is such an important part to loving the new you. Stay positive and enjoy! X

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to hug your tiny little baby!

You really are so stunning pregnant Meg.