Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Update

I’m pretty sure it’s karmic revenge that since I was all “la la la, January weekends are soooo lazy and relaxing” that this weekend turned out to be the complete opposite.  It was jam packed – but it was all super fun stuff so it was worth it.  Even though it felt like Sunday was here before Friday even had time to get started.

On Friday, Matt and I took a road trip down to Waxhaw, NC.  If you don’t know where that is, you’re missing out on a bustling metropolis.  Matt had found a golf bag he had been looking for on Craiglist, so we decided to take a road trip down that way.  I was easily bribed with a trip to Trader Joe’s on the way home, and also worked in a visit to see my sister’s classroom since we were only about 15 minutes away.

We stopped in south Charlotte for lunch, and it was a beautiful 60 degree day in January so we ate outside with the Spuds at Dean and Deluca.  He was more than happy to share a few bites of my chicken salad sandwich with me. 


Then we picked up the golf bag, and headed over to Katie’s classroom.  It was after school so she didn’t have any classes left, but she still gave us a run down on how she uses her smartboard.  Then a kid came in the class to ask her a question and I got to see Katie switch into serious teacher mode.  I love it!  There’s something about seeing people in settings that you don’t see them in daily – it gives you a different perspective of their personality.


On our road trip, I finished a book I had started the night before…. it was a page turner.  I literally could not stop reading it, despite Matt’s admonishment to slow down and savor my books!  I want to see the movie now, although I’ve been told it’s not as good.


On Saturday, Matt and I met Anne & Locke for a lunch date at Skippy’s.  Despite the crazy long line and the fact that the restaurant itself is smaller than my kitchen, this is one of Winston’s gems.


After lunch, I had a blog date with Teri.  We came up with the brilliant idea a few months ago to get together and bounce blog ideas off each other, and use some set aside time to get some writing done… and about 10 minutes into our first blog date, we realized we were kidding ourselves if we thought we were going to do anything but tuck ourselves into a cozy couch and chat the afternoon away.  Our blogs might not be updated, but I always walk away feeling uplifted by our conversations and catch up time!  Budster was invited too – I think he had a good time chilling at his Aunt Teri’s. 


Saturday night we had a dinner date with Jamie & Zac and Donna & Matt at Milner’s.  First time I have ever been disappointed by a Milner’s meal – I should have ordered the fried chicken like everyone else did!  (I had gnocchi… it was swimmingly in an oily pesto sauce.  No thanks.)  It was a night out for both sets of parents without their babies… thanks to Anne & Locke volunteering to baby-sit!  I’m still sort of giggling at that. 

Sunday morning, I did some grocery shopping and prepped a dish for Akanksha’s baby shower – my mom’s new go to appetizer, Cuban Toasties.


Then I spent the afternoon at Akanksha’s shower, and wrapped up the day with some Sunday dance trance.  It wasn’t as low key as my other January weekends have been, but it was chock full of good meals, good chats and good friends. 

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