Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Let's see... time spent with good friends, in warm weather with delicious wine? Check. Pretty sure that's a recipe for a perfect weekend day. Matt and I spent Saturday at the Salute NC Wine Festival with friends - Mike, Anne, Locke, Crystal, Donna, Kim and Crick. I'm not sure we tasted everything there but we definitely put a good effort forth. I'm totally shocked to report that my absolute favorite wine was the Cellar 4201 Sangiovese. Yes, moi, who pretty much only started drinking, nay tasting, red wines a month ago. It seems like white wines from NC are just super sweet. I'm a fan of semi-sweet wines, for sure, but I don't want a sugar buzz along with my vino buzz. Other faves were the Raffaldini Fiore, Divine Llama Chardonnel and McRitchie Sparking Niagara.

After our (sugar) buzz, we headed to dinner at Downtown Thai. Afterwards we headed across the street to a new bar. It's called Tate's Craft Cocktails... I guess craft means hand-made and hand-made means really, really, REALLY slow service? I'd give 'em a 2nd chance, since apparently they have just opened, but it took an hour and a half for 8 of us to have one round of drinks.

And then we stood in a street and danced to an 80s cover band and I thought about how much I adore life in this city with our wonderful friends, the end.


Jen said...

dancing in the street to 80's music? sounds like a Pittsford block party with the Skycoasters if you as me! :)

A Glenn said...

Yay wine festivals! And yay for pictures! And yay for comments on blogs!