Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Things, Today.
- Understanding, wonderful, loving hubby. (I love being married to you.)
- Campfire smell on my clothes, in my hair, embers fading out on the back porch
- Making the best ever twice-baked potatoes
- Good health insurance
- 10 minute naps
- 3 days in a row with coaching clients who had "a-ha" moments. I loves mah job.
- I ate yogurt. I didn't get sick. List-worthy.
- My sweet, kind friends Jamie & Donna dropping off a basket full of colitis-worthy goodies (I'm plowing through the Gatorades, girls) and fall decor - pumpkins, gourds and mums. <3.
- Feeling just stupid enough at my camera to want to keep trying to figure it out - Hopes that someday I may be able to take pictures that scratch the surface of this talent, and in the meantime, keeping this website bookmarked for insta-happy.
- Dr. B. He returns phone calls in less than 24 hrs. My doctor? Is awesome.
- My mom and dad.
- My mom-in-law and dad-in-law.
- The view out our back window: trees turning fire red in the woods.
- Heart Songs, by Weezer
- RSA Sunshine Member who dropped off dinner on Tuesday
- Nanta's greeting cards. It cracks me up that she crosses off the words on the card and rewrites it to say what she wants. The fact that she does this, and doesn't just use a blank card.
- Isabela B., born to my friend Elissa and her hubby AJ this week
- Yogurt Honey Balance Bars.
- Quiet mornings in the car, prayers on the way to work
- Matt's Golden Weekend. Two days off!! And just 2 days of gen med left.
- Having a job I love and I look forward to doing every day
- That the balloon boy wasn't actually in the balloon.
- My sister-in-law scoring an awesome new job
- That my intern emails me at 4 in the morning. Oh to be 20 again...
- Hudson Jeans.
- The way the sky looked like velvet early this morning
- Sending snail mail to my Grandpa.


My very own goodie basket from Jamie & Donna.

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