Monday, September 28, 2009

Missing in Action (Blog Update)

Hi Mom (and other random blog readers who I can only identify as a series of random digits and ISP locations),

You've probably been wondering why I haven't been blogging lately. Well, you probably aren't, since I do call you nearly every single day... but for those other loyal random digits out there, I thought I best put up this under construction memo.

I was busy looking up the lyrics to "I've Got A Feeling" last Friday (that Oprah video link just really catapulated that song into all-time-stuck-in-my-head-status), when all of a sudden pop-up's galore started flying across my screen. Most of the words that entered into my head at this point aren't fit to type. You can imagine.

Fast forward to a week later, an inordinate amount of time spent on Geek Forums, and painstackingly tiny tweaks to get my computer back up and running. As it stands, I've gotten all but the search engine hijack cleaned up which means no Google, Gmail or *GASP* Blogger. I know, it hurts me just to write it.

In the meantime, I hijacked my lovely hubby's computer to tell you not to desert me. When I return I shall regale you with Music, Thankfulness, stories of life in the Dash, and a step by step instruction complete with appropriate cuss-words for removing a search engine hijack from your computer. You can skip that last part if you're not feeling it, I won't be offended.


PS, in the meantime...Happy Blogiversary to Moi.

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Kevin Berardinelli said...

come back soon and happy blogiversary! (i like that... good term)