Monday, June 22, 2009


It's amazing how owning a house pretty much automatically doubles your to do list. Not that I can really complain - after doing most of the initial unpacking, I will confess that much of the follow up: picture hanging, landscaping, furniture building, has been the undertakings of Dr. C. (In my defense, I do not create the Honey Do List. Most of these projects are generated by the taskmaster himself.)

This weekend, after my flurry of productivity yesterday (you know, the ironing) Matt took on a tremendous Home Improvement Project: the big wall. We've been staring at this big, blank wall for 2 months trying to figure out what we could put up After a few unsuccessful go-rounds trying to find just the right thing on the interwebs, we ended up in Pottery Barn one night last week and the set of shelves came home with us.

I knew that this was a task I would be minimally involved in as it required measuring things, staying focused on one task at a time and heights. Not three of my fortes. I tried my best to be handy including standing at the bottom of the ladder handing up levels, drills, Coors Lights, nails, and holding the dust buster under the drill holes. However, there is one thing I have learned from past Home Improvement Projects and it is this:
So, although I was quite minimally involved in the actual doings of the project, the end result is so fantastic that I thought it warranted a post. We didn't really know what we were going to put on the shelves, but it all came together in 3 different color schemes, which I love. So far, our house has mostly features the palates of Taupe, Brown, Natural and Cocoa, so this is a good addition. Hooray for Color! The only thing we purchased was the skinny painting from HomeGoods and the bamboo plant from World Market. It's green and I can't kill it! Yessss! Then I found the perfect colored candles at good ol' Wally-World and the tableau is complete. (They even smell good, which wafts down right where you walk into the living room.)

End Result!
(The green from Bethpage compliments the bamboo nicely, don't you think?)

One more step towards house --> home. Next project: table building. I say this like I'm somehow involved. Don't worry - I just live here, I don't work here.

(PS, Thank You Hubby. I'll unload the diswasher now.)