Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Another Fall Weekend in the South

Another fall weekend spent doing what we love: tailgating!

This was a noon game so we did a breakfast tailgate - mimosas & Bloody Mary's, eggs & bacon on the grill and the most ridiculous pecan rolls from Camino Bakery. Despite the fact that noon games mean shorter tailgates, we can still manage to squeeze a few thousand calories in during those short hours.

This was Bo's first tailgate AND game. We only stayed for half the game because it was super hot - even on the shaded side of the stadium! Despite the heat and the noise, he did great and slept through most of the game. Around half time, I figured my luck would probably run out soon and we should pack up and head home. My instincts were right on - as soon as I hit the parking lot, my snoozing Deac fan woke up and stared SCREAMING. (Maybe he was just mad I made him leave the game?)

It was insult added to injury when we got home from the game and I walked in the door expecting the relief of the a/c to hit us.... and discovered it had broken. This doesn't sound so bad in September but it was 84 outside. And 86 inside.

Bo got a quick bath and was swaddled up with just his diaper on and a fan blowing for a nap and I poured a cold glass of Pinot Grigio and retreated to the porch, which was actually cooler than my house. (In fact, that was where Matt ended up sleeping that night!)

Ahh, fall. Nothing like sweating your bum off in your own house in the middle of September to remind you that even though there's football games and Halloween candy in the store, it's still practically summer in the south.

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Allison the Meep said...

I love that last picture of him sleeping and being covered by your hat. Also, you are super pretty. That's all.