Friday, September 21, 2012

Bo's Room

This is my very favorite room in the house.

We still have a little work to do - for instance, figuring out what to put on the wall over his crib. But getting this room completed for Bo to move in was quite a labor of love - especially when he showed up early and threw our completion plans off a bit!

It turns out it's a little bit harder to do construction when you have a sleepy newborn hanging out at your house. The room is fairly small and there wasn't a lot of room for storage, so Matt had designed and built the cubbies and drawers in the closet. The only problem was he built them at our neighbor's and they had to be installed and painted in the room. (And this was the primary reason that it took us 7 weeks to finally move into his room... we were quite ready to evict our noisy little roommate sooner than that!) But now that it is done, I love the closet. The boy has more room to store his clothes than his momma does!

The changing table was also another labor of love. Meaning that, Matt really really really loves me to have finished that one for me. I got this idea in my head (blame Pinterest) that it would be super easy to find an old dresser and paint and refinish it to make a changing table. Well, I found an old dresser... but that was about as far as I got. It turned out my "find" was in rough shape (a drawer fell apart in Matt's hands) and the top of it had to be completely replaced. Oh and I was 36.5 weeks pregnant when I brought this home. Oops. Matt took it over and sanded, sanded, sanded, repaired drawers, placed new hardware on, painted and replaced the cracked wooden top with a piece of remnant granite. I'll post a before and after picture on another post. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the finished piece. It is almost too nice to be a changing table. But, since it weighs 100 pounds with the granite, it will stay in that room and be a changing table for every kid we have.

And in keeping with the theme of "Meghan bites off more than she can chew", the "B" was also a project I started (darn you, Pinterest) and couldn't finish. I literally went into labor while I was working on that and had only about 1/5th of it done. My saintly sister took it home and finished it up the last week of her summer vacation.

The curtains were sewn by my momma, the stuffed animal holder is a window box hanger from Lowe's that we spray painted and the lamp was a garage sale find that was formerly pink and got the spray paint treatment also. The quilt (on the floor) was sewn by my mom's friend, the rocking chair was a Babies R Us floor model clearance item (woohoo!), the lovey was inspired by Quinn's donkey and picked out by my sister, the pillow (in the chair) came from my in-law's, the bookshelves were in my bedroom growing up and the xylophone was a gift from my brother after he saw me admire it in an antique store.

I think this little boy is going to like growing up in this space just fine, don't you?


Allison the Meep said...

That entire room is awesome. I love the color scheme you chose, and the chevron pattern for the curtains is so bright and cheery. And the built ins in the closet! So awesome! What a great room to be in for such a cute little dude.

Jamie said...

No offense, it is the best room in the house. But I will say, the cute, smiling chubby baby is what makes the room!