Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pretty Much the Same Thing

Anne is in the midst of some serious crazy training for her first half marathon and wonderful friend that I am, I volunteered to run with her on Friday to get one of her short runs out of the way.  I'm not running a ton these days, mostly because there's a little sweet potato sized baby sitting on my bladder, but it's been amazing weather this winter and it's made me downright mad that I haven't been out there as much.  So I told her I'd do a short run with her, knowing it would make me get out there and I'd be happy once I did.

We made plans to run at 4:30 when she got done teaching, so we would have just enough time to run and shower before heading out to celebrate her brother-in-law Charlie's birthday.

On Friday morning, I got a text from her about our running plans.  It said:

"We could meet at 4:30 to run or… we could go get our nails done and not need to shower before dinner."

Look, when you offer a pregnant woman the choice between running and getting her nails done...

Well, I think we know how this story ends.


(Especially since there's a frozen yogurt place next door to my nail salon.)


Shellac french tips are my very, very favorite.  They last forever!  I got 3 weeks out of my last one.

(And, PS, I should point out for Anne's sake she got 4 miles in on Thursday and 7 miles on Sunday, so I think she did just fine without my "help.")

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A Glenn said...

Thanks for the support, friend! I love that you went for the nails, exactly what I wanted!