Friday, March 23, 2012



The day of the much anticipated doctor’s appointment finally arrived and we got to finally find out whether Baby Cline was a boy or a girl.  And clearly, based on Buddy’s accessories…. It’s a boy!!!

It’s amazing how much just knowing that it is actually a he has made the whole thing suddenly seem more real.  After we found out (and confirmed that Baby Boy Cline was healthy and all that good stuff), Matt and I went out for lunch at the District and our topic of conversation was easily shifted to what he might be like.  It just feels a little easier to imagine a little person just knowing the gender.

Although I have to say, I was totally surprised it was a boy!  Ever since the 100 year old lady at the gym who has never spoken to me before or since looked at me when I was 7 weeks pregnant and asked if I was pregnant and told me that I looked like I was carrying a girl, I had been pretty convinced there was a a double XX chromosome baby swimming around in there.  I mean, if someone can predict you’re pregnant when you look like maybe you stopped at Bojangles for breakfast on the way to the gym, then clearly they can predict the gender too right?  I thought so.

So, it’s a boy!  Time to build a 6 foot fence around my house and to learn to throw a spiral.  Or maybe, before all that, I should do my baby registry or pick out a crib or whatever else you’re supposed to be before these little human beings show up and start bossing you around.  Because now we’re halfway (halfway!!) there and I’m pretty sure it’s only going to get more and more real as the weeks go by.

Poor little Spuds was used for our Facebook announcement of BBC’s gender reveal and he sat through many, many takes before I got the one I wanted.  All this modeling work is hard work on a pupdog as evidenced by this nap I caught him taking after his photog session…



Allison the Meep said...

Woohoo! Also, what in the heck, with the old lady asking you if you were pregnant? I am of the belief that you only ask a woman if she is pregnant ONLY when it looks like she's about 10 days past due. Otherwise, you risk it being just a food baby, and it's terribly embarrassing for all involved.

You are right about knowing the gender, and having it be easier to envision a person. Like, you can picture him at 2, pushing around little Thomas trains and dump trucks.

chrisandabbie said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you and Matt!

k. said...

So, I couldn't fathom I was having a boy w. Q either - 100% convinced it was a girl, because how could I make a PENIS?! Such a strange thing! But happy! And yes - absolutely - knowing the gender makes it all the more real & tangible & FUN!!! I'm on the lookout for the very best stripes already!

And now the fun part begins - shop, shop, shop!



k. said...

Also, I had 37 people tell me I was carrying a girl when I was like 7 months pregnant - including a woman in the elevator who told me THREE TIMES that my ultrasound was wrong. Ha!

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

Congrats! You guys are going to be great parents. Little boys are awesome. They are loud and dirty but they are awesome.

A Glenn said...


Bari said...

Yeah! Congrats on healthy Baby
Boy Cline! Your dog is freaking adorable, too - I can't believe he fell asleep in his party hat :)