Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes I just don’t even know where to start with this list… or how to finish… every since I started doing gratitude journaling, I feel like I could just go ON and ON and ON about the things in my life that give me the warm n’ fuzzies. I’m not always obnoxiously happy or anything like that, but being tuned into the good stuff has just given me an overall general sense of calmness and peace in my life. In other words: gratitude journaling = good. Off the top of my head, today, in this moment I am feeling blessed by…

  • my hubby and 1,328 happy days of marriage. (yes, I calculated that today. For kicks.)

  • waking up to doggy breath in my face and sweet brown eyes wondering why on Earth anyone would want to sleep past 5:30 am (to be clear: this is Buddy, not Matt)

  • my Uncle’s incredible recovery (still a ways to go, but progressing amazingly)

  • my mom & my aunt, who have been through a stressful last few weeks btwn my Uncle’s accident and my Grandpa’s on-going health challenges. They’re becoming way too familiar with the halls of Strong Hospital, and if I shared a zip code with them, I’d show up tomorrow with Starbucks and a hug, but since I don’t I’ll just tell ‘em (again) how amazing they are.

  • free books in my mailbox and sending my books to someone else who wants them.

  • Glee Cast Volume 4 on Grooveshark. (Maybe one of these days I’ll suck it up & pay for the album)

  • Afternoon naps on the couch.

  • Long overdue phone calls with far-flung friends – I’ve had 3 this week (Hi Jen! Hi Jared! Hi Mallie!) and it makes me thankful the days of paying for long-distance calls or waiting for letters are over. Instant gratification.

  • A job I : enjoy, am quite good at, have flexibility with, and an opportunity to talk to and help people from all walks of life, all over the country, all ages. And all sorts of… philosophies about life. (It's never boring.)

  • Making an entire meal out of roasted asparagus.

  • All my friends who are pregnant right now are healthy (6! Babies coming in June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov!)

  • In-laws that I love & get along with so well.

  • Tuesday night dance trance classes. I’m not by any means a great dancer, but 9 years of cheerleading dies hard. I missed dancing.

  • The strength and depth that someone can tap into when called to their limits. Moved & inspired by a powerful blog post I read yesterday, and adding a too-young-for-this amazing woman to my prayer list.

  • Cooking dinner for a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile & chatting into the wee hours of the night (10 pm, in case you’re wondering what “wee hours” is these days.)

  • Planning 2012’s vacations with my hubby. We looooove vacations.

  • The teensy hint of bleach smell that lingers after a load of whites towels have been washed.

  • Prayers.

  • Best friends.

What’s on your list?


A little blurry but Buzzcut-Buddy always makes the list.


Katie said...

i heart thankful thursday. last week we wrote it on pretty neon paper. you'd be amazed how much neon paper makes you more thankful. you'd also be amazed how much high schoolers are thankful for. (airplanes, cheese puffs, family, God, teachers, xbox, friends, life, sunlight, moms, dads, kitties, chick fil goes on and on)

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

My "Buddy Wall" is growing. Thankful for you, and Buddy, and that you are so thankful for everything. Being thankful DOES make life better. It really does.

k. said...

6 pregnant friends?! Holy smokes, you need baby shower gift ideas!

I like your lists.

(Today, I'm thankful for a baby who is taking excellent naps. I never knew how easily a baby sleeping - or not sleeping - could make or break a day)

Jamie said...

Yay for pregnant friends, prayers, the strength of a certain individual that is beyond comprehension, and vacations for 2012 - what? You are already planning those? Is one of them Spain by chance?