Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shower the People You Love With Love

Yesterday was my little sister’s first wedding shower.

(For the record, it’s not really sinking in that my baby sister is getting married in just 97 days…)

The shower was hosted by Katie’s two college roommates, Meredith & KP, and her 2 closest friends from teaching, Drew and Shannon. Drew’s sister-in-law, Jackie, has a party planning business and coordinated all the amazingly cute details of the shower. I kept walking around ooh-ing and ahh-ing because every corner of the house had something adorable related to the theme of the shower.






After a delicious brunch, we did what you of course do at showers: watched the bride open gifts, and slowly see the pieces of the bride & groom's future home come together. Despite the fact that I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around baby girl being grown up enough to get married, her excitement level over things like spice racks and pyrex dishes confirms that maybe she is indeed ready to be a Mrs.



Self timer coffee makers: the stuff dreams are made of.


I do believe our bridey had fun at her shower, and can now officially say her wedding season has kicked off. Katie’s friends did an incredible job putting her shower together, and it makes me happy to know she has such sweet and loving friends to support her. Because that’s almost as important as having the right silverware when it comes to the things you need to start off a marriage on the right foot.

IMG_7881 Katie with 2 of her shower hostesses/bridesmaids/Wake roomies Meredith & KP

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