Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for:

- a number of small miracles that occurred after my uncle sustained severe injuries from an accident while cutting wood: that he woke up after being unconscious in the snow, had a cell phone on him to call someone, that his ATV tracks were fresh enough to be found, and for the doctors who have overseen his care. Thanking God a hundred times over, and praying for his ongoing recovery.

That's the big one. And my heart is overwhelmed when I stop just to think about it.

But I am thankful for small things today too. Things like:
- free music download of Adele from Starbucks this am that is making my ear drums happy
- library books
- doggy daycare webcam
- that my baby Sis is getting married in 92 days
- my precious wino niece Claire
- 90s bands
- that I enjoy what I do and have the flexibility to work 4 10s and have an extra day off each week
- my car's mpg
- my happy marriage
- that I get to see my family (at the beach!) in 30 days
- clean water to drink whenever I want
- being Irish on St Patty's Day (although I failed to make my fave, corned beef and cabbage. Wah!)
- Spring. Warm air. Green grass.
- Trader Joe's hummus
- prednisone
- a peaceful heart and a quiet mind
- girlfriends, moms, sisters and aunts
- skinny vanilla lattes
- Pandora music

It's a good day.

What's on your list today?

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Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Yeah, I'm pretty thankful for that very same thing, that top one, yeah, you know, that guy who survived the tree thing? Thank God? Yep. Done. Over and over. And can you possibly GET any cuter pictures of Buddy? I have a Buddy Board at school where I print out all your pictures and hang them I love Bramble but she's simply not as photogenic or endearing as Buddy. And a love of Starbucks must be in our genetic code...How do you feel about Panera?